These 7 questions from Jay Shetty will help you reflect on the past year

Written by Ellen Scott

Before we can welcome in the new year, we need to make time to reflect on the past 12 months. 

In this post-Christmas lull, there’s a real tendency to write off the final days of the year, spending them in a haze of eating leftovers and catching up on TV while pledging to do things differently the moment the new year hits. We understand the urge, and there’s nothing wrong with, well, doing nothing. 

But what if this time, rather than trudging through these days as a low-key pause on the way to newness, we gave them a purpose? What if we took this time to reflect on the year behind us, so we can enter 2023 feeling free of our 2022 baggage, appreciative of all we’ve learned, and ready to get going? 

After all, it’s tricky to really welcome in 2023 without saying a proper goodbye to 2022, right? 

Jay Shetty, a podcaster, author, and former monk with lots of famous fans, has handily put together a framework to do just that. In an episode of On Purpose With Jay Shetty, he suggests asking yourself seven questions as a way to close out the year on a good note. 

“The benefits of reflection are often underrated and forgotten, because as a society we rush to the next thing,” says Shetty. “But taking a moment towards the end of the year to sit with yourself, to journal, to ask yourself questions, can be so powerful.” 

Shetty explains that he asks himself questions at the end of each year, but changes what exactly these questions are. Ahead are the seven questions he’s asking himself this time around…

  1. What is a challenge that you’ve overcome this year – and what did it teach you? 
  2. What’s a surprise you dealt with? 
  3. What is something you bought this year that you love? 
  4. What is the best book you read or podcast you listened to? 
  5. What are your blind spots for next year?
  6. What made you happiest this year? 
  7. Who’s the person you couldn’t have got through this year without?

Carve out some time this week to reflect on these prompts. Perhaps write them down (those blank pages at the end of your 2022 diary are perfect for this) and save your notes to look back on at the end of next year. 

Take a moment to appreciate all the great stuff you’ve accomplished and all you’ve learned before you get started on those new year’s resolutions. 

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