Incredible photo shows how bones move during childbirth

Birth is an incredible thing. The things a woman’s body goes through in order to bring new life into the world is magical, inspiring and seriously painful.

But, while you might be aware of things like contractions and dilation, you might not realise that a woman’s skeleton actually moves during childbirth. Wild.

A mind-blowing photo of a woman in labour clearly shows a bulge in her lower back – which experts have explained is a bone from her pelvis.

If you haven’t experienced giving birth, this might sound like the stuff of nightmares, but the pregnancy care centre that shared the photo has reiterated that it is totally normal.

‘Can you see that bulge on her lower back? That is the rhombus of Michaelis,’ wrote Tangi Birth Services in a post on Facebook.

‘During the second stage of labour, a combination of bones including your sacrum actually move backwards and in doing so, increases the diameter of your pelvis.

The post went on to say that it’s an entirely normal process which is also known as the ‘opening of the back’.

It allows your baby the maximum amount of space to turn as they navigate their way out into the world.

‘In order to facilitate the opening of your back, you should use active birth positions where you are upright and leaning forwards.

‘Your body was made to do this! And your body and your baby work together!

‘Birth is not something to be feared … it is something to be understood!’

The encouraging post has already garnered more than 22,000 comments and 50,000 shares. And the women who read it have been left feeling seriously empowered.

‘The more I read about childbirth and labour the more new things I learn about our bodies as women. It’s truly an amazing experience. Powerful, exhilarating and I truly feel like the goddess I am to bring life into this world,’ said Shanice.

‘Our bodies are designed for this and we should go with the flow. Once I got my head round that I wasn’t scared and enjoyed the experience,’ added Louie.

The birth centre says they shared the picture to raise awareness about the different stages of the birth process to remove some of the stigma and fear still associated with labour.

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