Ilana Glazer Just Learned Something About These Women's Health Words: "That Took My Breath Away"

Ilana Glazer is a professional when it comes to women’s anatomy word association. During a recent Flow interview, the former Broad City actress shared what words such as hymen, nipple, and vagina made her think of, and of course, the results were hilarious. “The word is nipple and that makes me think of breasts, which just makes me happy. Tits rule,” she says. “Also, we pretend that men and women are so different. Men have titties. They almost have the most femme titties because they’re always tiny and pointing up for longer than women’s are.”

For the word “sexism,” Glazer says it makes her think of “the entire world,” saying that sexism is “the tangle I continue to detangle myself from to realize that I’m totally worthy.” Continuing the game, Glazer pulls out the word uterus and associates that with a house. “Or more like an Airbnb — open, beautiful, and tending to it, or if you fill that house which I did, which was a shocking experience. But a uterus makes me think of a house in some people’s bodies.”

“I associate [the word] menopause with hot flashes,” says Glazer. “But I don’t know enough about menopause. I think of it as adult puberty.”

Unfortunately, all of these words are on a block list, meaning a list of words or terms advertisers choose to avoid or “block” from their advertising investments. As a result, content that includes these words is less likely to receive advertiser funding. 

“That’s so sad,” says Glazer when this information was revealed to her. “That makes sense that concentrated wealth is blocking women from knowing about their own bodies. This is why it is so powerful and empowering to know what’s going on in your body. We’re blocking women from knowing about their own bodies, but it actually hurts everybody to limit knowledge about your own health.”

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Watch the full video above to see what other words are on the block list and what Glazer associates them with.

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