Great callback at IKEA – This candy is supposed to contain allergens

Allergens are substances in the foam biscuits from IKEA

Currently, the Federal office for consumer alert protection and food safety, as well as the manufacturer IKEA in front of a potential health danger posed by a at IKEA displaced persons candy. Apparently, it was used in the affected product whey powder, milk but not as an ingredient indicated on the package. This can result in Allergy sufferers and people with milk sugar intolerance to adverse health effects.

Is affected by the “SÖTSAK SKUMTOPP foam pastry” with all of the minimum shelf life of 12. March 2019 up to 18. April 2019. In particular, customers who share knowledge of an Allergy or intolerance to milk or milk constituents, should not consume the affected product. The meringues can be returned to any IKEA store. There will also be refunded without proof of purchase, the full purchase price back.

For Non-Allergy-safe

“People are not against milk or milk components are allergic or have intolerance, you can consume the product without any concerns,” writes IKEA in a current customer’s information.

Lactose intolerance is widespread

According to the Institute for quality and efficiency in health care approximately 15 percent of the population in Germany are affected by a milk sugar intolerance. In these individuals the consumption of milk or milk components to severe digestive problems and intestinal complaints. This can occur either immediately after eating or up to 24 hours later and, for example, by fatigue, headaches, bloating, diarrhea, sleep disturbances, itchy skin rashes as well as Nausea and vomiting Express. (vb)

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