17 dental pastes in the Check: Almost all of the cutting, well, a deficient gets

On coffee and occasional sweets in the least want to do without, but healthy and sparkling white teeth we want to have anyway. A good tooth paste should protect not only against caries, but also all of the discoloration eradicate.

At least twice a day, we have to use the Tube in the bathroom Cabinet. And our requirements for toothpaste are anything other than low: you do not need to protect us only against caries, but our teeth are still gleaming white.

Stiftung Warentest has tested 17 of the universal tooth-pastes. In addition, the pastes were categorized according to their so-called abrasion. In the toothpaste small plaster body, with which the teeth are scrubbed are. A high abrasion resistance is according to Stiftung Warentest only recommended for healthy teeth. Damaged teeth or exposed necks of the teeth should be brushed with toothpastes with a low abrasion rates of the experts.

"Mangelhaft" due to a lack of caries prophylaxis

13 of the 17 tooth pastes have been evaluated with “very good”, as the “Extra Fresh Complete Protection” of Parodontax (€6.60/100 ml, low abrasion), the “Budnident toothpaste herbal” from Budni (0.39 EUR/100 ml, and moderate abrasion) and the Professional gum – & Enamel Pro Repair from Oral-B (5,35 EUR/100 ml, high abrasion).

Like the most expensive toothpaste in the Test: The peppermint tooth paste without fluoride by Dr Bronner’s (8,20 Euro/100 ml, and moderate abrasion) got in the Test, only “poor”. The reason for the poor rating is the Lack of fluoride for caries prophylaxis.

The full test results, read the case of the Stiftung Warentest.

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