Why Brooke Shields Tries to Instill a 'Little Fear' in Her Teen Daughters Regarding Social Media

Ali Wentworth on Encouraging Positive Body Image: "I'm Naked Around My Kids"

For Wentworth, her inspiration behind launching Go Ask Ali was the fact that she "really wanted to do something that I was truly interested in and something I really wanted to talk about."

"One of the things I seem to talk about a lot are teenagers because I have two and as I was trying to cultivate what my podcast was going to be, COVID hit," says the actress, who shares daughters Harper Andrea, 15, and Elliott Anastasia, 17, with husband George Stephanopoulos. "I thought, 'I'd be really interested to know how you grow a teenager in a pandemic.' It started from there."

"It's hard enough to raise a teenager, but in a pandemic, this is the time where most kids want to be away from their parents. Just how their physical emotional life changes in this time," Wentworth continues. "There's a lot going on in the world. I can see it with my own kids. It's having a huge effect on them. It's an interesting area to explore and seemed very timely."

"The second part of the season will be a little funnier, which is how to have a relationship in a pandemic. You have to change the parameters a little bit. These are areas that I find very interesting and fun to explore," she adds. "I hope when people listen they not only find it interesting and somewhat entertaining, but I hope there will be a few things that they'll hear and really take in and that they'll repeat to other people."

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